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Proud to be part of The Good Garage Scheme

Proud to be part of The Good Garage Scheme

As a Good Garage Scheme member, you can be assured that we perform to a strict Code of Conduct and will always have your best interests at heart.

​If your vehicle is under warranty, it can still be serviced by ourselves as a Good Garage Scheme member without invalidating the warranty conditions.

​The Good Garage Scheme is dedicated to driving up standards in the car servicing and car repair market, ensuring consumers get a fair deal. Please click here to view the Good Garage Scheme Code of Conduct. ​

Forte Engine Cleaning Products used with every Service!

​We strive to deliver the best quality workmanship and therefore use Forte Engine Flush with every Service at no extra cost. This product removes carbon deposits and debris from your engine which ultimately causes it to lose power and potentially develop problems. We have completed 'before and after' compression tests to measure the performance of engines and seen incredible results! See below for a video of the benefits of this product as well as a real-life case study performed by ourselves on a vehicle. 

Case Study

​There are a number of service-related products on the market that claim to improve the performance of vehicles. In our experience though, these claims are often exaggerated. 

​As a result, we were somewhat skeptical as to what true benefits we would see when introduced to the Forte range of products. It is vital to us a small, independent Garage to have total belief in the products we use as well as demonstrating their benefits to our customers. 

​We, therefore, wanted to show you a genuine case study trialing this product with 'before and after' results.

​We decided that the best way of demonstrating its benefits was by using a very well maintained car fitted with a regular, 'every day' engine. We, therefore, asked one of our long-standing customers to provide their car to us.

The Vehicle:

  • Make: Vauxhall
  • Model: Tigra
  • Engine: 1.4
  • Model Year: 2008
  • Mileage: 43,350
  • Service History: Full-Service History - Serviced annually
  • Ownership: 2 owners from new (same family and owned from new)

Given this car had such low mileage and had also been serviced annually, we did not expect to see a significant improvement in the engine's performance.

The Test

Before completing the Engine Flush we measured the Engines Compression on each of its 4 Cylinders. This directly translates into how much power the engine creates and its efficiency. 

Results before Testing:

  • Cylinder 1 output = 166 PSI
  • Cylinder 2 output = 119 PSI
  • Cylinder 3 output = 212 PSI
  • Cylinder 4 output = 183 PSI

Looking at the data, it was clear that Cylinder 2 was substantially down on its output compared with Cylinder 3. Also, Cylinders 1 and 4 were down on output.

​Test Results

We then completed the Engine Flush process and ran the same compression test with the results as follows:

  • Cylinder 1 output = 233 PSI increase of 67 PSI
  • Cylinder 2 output = 212 PSI increase of 93 PSI
  • Cylinder 3 output = 228.5 PSI increase of 14.5 PSI
  • Cylinder 4 output = 204.5 PSI increase of 21.5 PSI

As you can see, all Cylinders showed an increase in output, and Cylinder 2 was increased by a staggering 93 PSI!

​The overall increase in the engine output was 29% which we are sure you will agree, is a huge improvement.

​Upon receiving the vehicle back, the customer was extremely impressed with the results. He commented that the car felt immediately more responsive and definitely had a noticeable improvement in power. 

​Who would have thought such a well maintained, low mileage car would show such an improvement? 

​We have also seen similar improvements from multiple vehicles, therefore fully endorse this product by Forte and include it at no extra charge with all of our Car Services!

​We also stock and have access to a number of other Forte products which are shown at