COVID-19: Our Car Sales Department is temporarily closed, however our Servicing and Repair arm is open. We are committed to your safety. Read More

COVID-19 Coronavirus

Zero-Contact Service to battle COVID-19

​Given the Governments advice surrounding COVID-19 we have decided to implement a 'Zero-Contact Service' to protect both our Customers and Staff.

​This allows us to still look after your vehicles whilst incorporating stringent measures to protect everyone from this horrible disease. We understand that many of our customers will have vehicle maintenance needs during this period; especially as transport to-and-from appointments, or to support loved ones affected by COVID-19 increases. We will aim to provide consistent vehicle maintenance services for as long as humanly possible.

​Our Repair Garage itself will remain open for standard business hours, however, no physical contact will be possible with our team. Consequently, members of the public will not be granted access inside, but can instead use our RING Video Doorbell located at our entrance or call on 01295 811382.

​We have put in place the following measures:

  • ​Individual Coded Key Safes located outside our entrance door will be accessible 8:30am-5:30pm. This allows customers to drop-off and collect keys with no physical contact. Keys will be removed from these after business hours for security.
  • ​Upon receiving a vehicle to work on, all Contact Points (Steering Wheel, Gear Lever, Door Handles, Key etc) will be cleaned thoroughly.
  • ​Disposable Covers for Seats, Steering Wheel, and Gear Stick will be installed during the completion of all work​ and removed when the vehicle is parked and ready for collection.
  • ​All Contact Points will be re-cleaned
  • ​Payment will be taken by Phone, PayPal and Bank Transfer to your preference
  • ​Upon receipt of Payment, the Key will be cleaned, placed in a new Plastic Bag, and put into one of the Key Safes. You will then be given an access code to collect your key from said Safe.
  • ​An Email Copy of the Invoice will be sent to you by request

We would also be more than happy to Collect and Deliver the vehicle to you at no extra charge within approximately 5 miles of King's Sutton.

Our Car Sales Department is presently temporarily Closed in-line with Government rules. We hope to open again 2nd December 2020 upon the National Lockdown ending. 

​We continue to monitor government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and will react as required to support the containment of the disease.